Contact. Your contact details, form and map - all rolled into one!

Today, we are excited to introduce our new Contact block to the Headway Community! This is a great addition to any Headway site-builders box-of-tricks and can be used on every Headway site you build! Want to know more? Continue reading after the jump.

How does it work ?

  1. Install and activate the block, like you would any other WordPress plugin.
  2. Add the block via Headway’s grid.
  3. Set your form email address via the block’s options.
  4. Set your map coordinates (you can find your address’s coordinates using this tool).
  5. Style the block output using Headway’s Inspector.

The block is very customizable and set the width of the 3 core elements (map, address and form), as well as the spacing between the elements. In order to ensure the 3 panels always look good, we’ve also built in automatic equal heights.

What’s included:

Google Maps

Adding an interactive Google Map to your site has never been easier! We’ve added options to customize the map dimensions, add your own marker on the map and customize the popup content! The popup content (displayed when a user clicks on your map marker) can include your own custom text, images and html – so you have full control over the output.

Contact form

The contact form includes the usual name, email, subject and message fields. All the labels and error messages are customizable from the block’s options. Once the form is submitted, an email containing the form details will be sent to the address you chose. Prefer to use a third party form builder like GravityForms? No problem! Just disable the built in form and paste your custom forms code (or WordPress shortcode) instead.


We realize there are many different formats to display a persons address, so we decided the most flexible route to go would be to allow you to enter your own content and/or custom html. Don’t worry if that sounds scary, we’ve included some default placeholders to make it really easy for you to edit.