HeadwayRocket customers: We're heading out of town for a week!

It's hard to believe it's been a short two months since we launched HeadwayRocket.com and our first Headway block! Since then, we've been working full steam adding new blocks, improving our existing blocks, improving our support resources and loads more behind the scenes.

Here’s a break down of our first two months:

  • Released a total of five Headway blocks (three paid, two free)
  • Refreshed our site design, improving the usability and making stuff easier to find
  • Extended our documentation and how-to videos
  • Updated all our blocks with bug fixes and refinements

While we have no plans to slow down the momentum we’ve built up, we’ve also got to be careful we don’t burn ourselves out.

We realize the holiday season is fast approaching, but an opportunity has came up for us to take a mini road trip up the Orange River and Fish River Canyon (Namibia), which is too good to pass up!

Both Thierry and I will be out of town from November 11th to the 16th and likely won’t get a chance answer any posts on the Headway support forum, as we likely won’t have much connectivity.

This is what we’re doing to ensure things go smoothly while we’re away:

  • Broadcasting this post across our various channels (twitter, newsletter, etc).
  • Adding a notice above our support boards on the Headway forums, linking to this notice.
  • Adding a Common Issues / Solutions sticky post to each of our forum boards to pro-actively assist any any new users who run into any of the common issues.
  • Adding a notice to the top of our site, linking to this post.
  • Setting up an auto-responder on our email accounts, also linking to this post.

What to do in case of emergency

We realize that sometimes things go wrong and it can be frustrating not having a helping hand when needed. To make sure there is someone available in case of emergency, we’ve enlisted the help of our good friend Andy Neale, who will be keeping an eye on things while we’re away. If you find that you’re in desperate need of help and it can’t wait until we’re back, send Andy a private message on the Headway forums, or drop him a mail.

We actually started our Headway adventure working with Andy on HeadwayLabs, so we know each others products well. Apart from operating HeadwayLabs, Andy is also an official Headway team member and know’s his stuff!

Business as usual until Friday

So just to confirm, we will be monitoring the forums all the way up to the 11th of November (Sunday evening), so if you’d like to get in touch or need help with any of our products, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout on the Headway forums.

Until next time, we hope you all keep making Headway ;-)