Important update coming to all our Headway add-on’s

It's been a while since we've posted an update, but it's definitely not due to us sitting idly by. Apart from a few secret projects, we've been hard at work updating our current blocks, to better take advantage of the new features introduced in recent versions of Headway.

The update we’ve been working on is something that has bugged us for a while now and it has to do with how we register the design settings in the Headway Visual Editor.

Why this is important

Before jumping into the specifics of the update (and what it means for you), we need to give you a bit of background into why it’s necessary in the first place.

When we first started building our Headway blocks, we used the Block ID as a way to differentiate between block instances. This was mostly due to there not being a better way to handle this in Headway at the time.

Fast forward a few versions of Headway and Clay introduced the support for block instances. Due to our blocks already being built using our Block ID system, no changes were necessary.

While we could technically leave the system as is for a few more major versions of Headway, we’re perfectionists at heart and knowing our blocks are not taking full advantage of Headway, we decided it’s better to tackle the update sooner than later.

The process of updating our blocks is a lot simpler, thanks to our new Butler Framework and API. If this is the first you’re hearing of it, it just means our block’s internals are now uniform and have a shared code base, allowing us to develop more efficiently.

That said, the most challenging part was ensuring that all your design settings remain intact after moving to the new system and it’s been giving Thierry sleepless nights.

Something which some of you may have experienced getting help from Thierry on the forums, is that he’s not one to give up on a challenge. After a solid couple hours with his head in the code, he managed to get the first iteration working!

Important: Backup your site before updating!

While we’ve done loads of testing already and will continue to do more before the actual release, as with any software project, things sometimes go wrong, so it’s really important that you do a full site backup (and confirm it’s working!) before performing the update.

Part of what the update does, is remap your existing design settings to the new format and in the process, the old settings are removed from your sites database. We do this to ensure you have no left-overs from the old system in your sites database. See the update below. ↓

The update will be released on Monday the 21st of October, so there’s just over a week to backup your site before then. We highly recommend BackupBuddy to handle your backups, but there are many free alternatives available too. If you’re not comfortable creating the backup yourself, drop your host an email and ask them to do it.

We will be broadcasting this post across our various support channels, in order to ensure that everyone knows to backup before updating.

Something else to mention is that, as part of the update, the minimum Headway version for all our blocks (except Toolkit, which requires Headway 3.5.11) will be Headway 3.4.8.

While we always try to support up to two primary versions of Headway, the next update we have planned for our blocks will be taking advantage of a lot of the new features added in recent versions of Headway.

To Summarize:

We will be posting the update to all our blocks on Monday the 21st of October. It’s important you backup your site before then and confirm that it’s working. When the new version is released, the minimum Headway requirement for all our blocks (except Toolkit, which requires Headway 3.5.11) is 3.4.8. That’s it for this update. Feel free to ask any questions about the update in the comments.

Update: Clay suggested we will leave the old design settings in the database until Headway 3.6 has been released, as there will be a few more changes to the design settings structure to accommodate for the new skins update. It’s also really important to update your HeadwayRocket blocks, before updating to Headway 3.6 (when it’s released).