Introducing Launch, our second Headway template

Launch is our second template for Headway and is jam-packed with goodness. It has a bold design that makes it perfect for marketing, business, product launch type sites. With 16 Shared Layouts, it's our most comprehensive template yet.

It’s important to note that the different layouts we’ve included are just starting points and can be completely customized via the comprehensive block options and Visual Editor. Launch is available for $29 and comes with two versions – Standalone or Bundled.

Both versions include styling for all default layouts (Blog Index, Post, Page, Archives, Search, 404, etc).

The full version has additional styling for our blocks (Features, Testimonials, Contact and Gallery) and are used to create the additional Shared Layouts.

Want to use the Bundle version, but don’t own any of our blocks?

You can get all four blocks used in the demo for $60 by selecting the Blocks Bundle add-on when purchasing.

That’s shaving off $30, compared to if you bought them individually.

What happens if you already own one or more of our blocks?

No problem :) You get everything you need to use either version.

That’s both templates, the full .sketch design file and the sample content from both demos.

The only difference with the bundled version is the extra shared layouts, harnessing our blocks (Features, Testimonials, Gallery and Contact).

Standalone version setup video

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