Introducing Testimonials v2

Inline with our philosophy of continuous refinement, we're thrilled to announce that the next big update to our Testimonials block is now available.

Under the hood

While there are definitely some stand-out features in this update, most of the really cool stuff is happening under the hood.

In terms of the admin options, everything should feel zippier and the options toggling a lot smoother.

I won’t get into the techie stuff, but the underlying javascript we use to the control the admin side has been rewriten to be more efficient and smarter.

We’ll continue to refine and polish with each new release.

Now on to the good stuff!

Manage your Testimonials content in WordPress

If you’ve used either our Features or Testimonial blocks, you’ll know that the content is added via Headway. One of the most requested features to-date, is for adding an option to add, edit and manage your Testimonials (and soon Features) content in WordPress.

Well, we’re not fans of doing anything half-baked, so the implementation took a bit longer than we originally anticipated, but the end result was definitely worth it.

So here’s how it works:

You create your Testimonial items in WordPress, organize them using Categories and Tags, then customize the layout and styling inside of Headway. That way you get the best of both worlds.

Of course this doesn’t mean that the Headway Content option is no longer useful.

There are still scenarios where you’d want a quick way to a list of quotes or features, where the Headway Content would be a lot more efficient.

The WordPress content makes more sense when you have more content that you want to display on a single page.

One advantage that the WordPress content source has over the Headway version is that it’s stored outside of Headway. That way if you accidentally delete a block instance, the content is still safe. That won’t be an issue for long though, as Headway’s block export feature is coming a long nicely and should be included in the next update (coming soon).

New Filtering & Ordering

In addition to the new WordPress content source, we’ve also added in some really useful filters, which let you take advantage of the Category and Tags taxonomies. This means you store all your Testimonials in one big box and then only abstract them as needed.

Here’s an example:

Say you have 500 Testimonials saved in WordPress, but you only want to display Customer testimonials, or a specific product. Or you want to pull in testimonials that don’t have a lot of content, you could simply create some tags like “short” or “long”. This is where the filters really shine. The categories can be nested, giving you even more control.

Testimonials can be filtered by category or tag, or alternatively you can select specific testimonials to be displayed or not. Additionally, you can order the Testimonial items by date, title, random or ID.

Testimonial single view

For testimonials that are longer, you can use WordPress’s readon tag to split the remaining text onto the single item view.

Since the content is stored as a WordPress Custom Post Type, you can easily style the single view from within Headway. Simply select the Testimonials post type (under the Single category) and add a new instance of the block. The block will automatically detect that you are on the single view and adjust the options accordingly.

“What’s new in V2″ Video Walkthrough

Thierry put together a video summarizing some of the new goodies that have been added in v2.

New and improved Readme

One thing that admittedly sucked a bit in our blocks, is the lack of a decent read me file. This is a simple text file that we include in the plugin, that WordPress will automatically detect and include when displaying update notifications. This means that you can quickly see what’s been updated in the block, as well as any upgrade steps you need to be aware of, without having to leave your WordPress admin.

How to get the update

For those of you who have already purchased a copy, the update should be available in your WordPress dashboard soon.

See the updated Testimonials page and setup guide for more info about all the new stuff in v2.

What’s next

Now that the Testimonials block update has been released, we’ll be updating the Features block with custom post type support. This is going to take the Features block to a whole new level and we’re super excited to get the block updated.