Introducing Toolkit - Helpful tools to improve your Headway experience

We're extremely proud to announce the launch of our latest Headway offering, Toolkit. This one is not technically a block, but rather a set of tools to compliment your Headway site building experience.

Here is a quick overview of Toolkit:

Block Search

Ever have one of your blocks go M.I.A. and not being able to locate it? We have and that’s why we built the Block Search tool.

Block Search

Inspired by the time-saving tool for Mac, Alfred, the Block Search can be accessed from anywhere in your WordPress admin and is easily activated using a keyboard shortcut.

From the Search dialog name, id, type or page of the block you’re looking for. The results are instant and can be navigated using your keyboard.

Once you’ve located the block you want to edit, simply click on the “Open in the Visual Editor” button, or select the result using your keyboard and hit enter.

Blocks Anywhere

One of the greatest features of Headway is it’s blocks. Unfortunately, there is no built-in method to display these blocks within your posts or pages. Thanks to Blocks Anywhere, it is now possible to output your blocks, anywhere that supports WordPress shortcodes.

We believe this is a really powerful tool and we’re excited to see what you guys build with it.

Here are a couple of examples of how this can be used:

  • Include a newsletter signup form inside your post or pages.
  • Include a gallery in a post or page.
  • Include a set of features for your product or service to your page content.
  • Include a testimonial on your product page.
  • Give your product page a boost by incorporating other blocks, such as product galleries, testimonials, image slider, newsletter signup, product features, etc.
  • Add a product teaser box to your launch post (using the WooCommerce block and Blocks Anywhere).

Here is a break down of the possible blocks you could use:

  • Product Image Slider – Using either the core Slider block, or our Gallery block.
  • Social Sharing Links – Using either the core Code block, or the Utility block from HeadwayLabs.
  • Product Features – Using our Features block.
  • Product Gallery – Using our Gallery block.
  • Customer Testimonials – Using our Testimonials block.
  • Product Videos – Using the core Embed block, or our Gallery block (setup as a Video Gallery).
  • Related Products – Using the core Content block with a custom query.

Block Index

The Block Index is a list view of every Headway block instance on your site, which can be filtered by block type.

Under the hood

Something which you won’t notice on the surface, is our new Options Framework, Meta Framework and API which the new Toolkit plugin is built on.

Options Framework

The Options Framework is used to create the options for our plugins (things like form inputs, toggles, upload, etc).

Meta Framework

The Meta Framework allows us to construct custom meta boxes, that are displayed when editing a post or page. This is especially useful when it comes to creating custom post types.

New Dashboard

You will notice a new Dashboard link in your WordPress admin sidebar menu, which gives you an overview of the Headway blocks you have installed, including the ability to check for updates and download our free blocks.

Plugin Specific Options

Toolkit brings another less obvious feature and that is the ability to have plugin specific features, which is one of the most requested features we’ve had for our other blocks.

We’ll be rolling out this functionality into all of our blocks in the near future.

That’s it for todays update. We hope you find Toolkit useful!