State of the Rocket: News about our Headway blocks and more!

Our Headway block, Features has been added to Headway Extend! Our Contact block has also been updated with support for captcha & custom subject fields. Plus new demo landing page, updated documentation and help video.

On the surface, it may seem like we’ve slowed down the pace, but it’s actually due to us being hard at work updating our blocks and site. Find out what we’ve been working on after the jump.

Features block added to Extend!

We’d hoped to get the Features block on to Extend sooner, but Clay gave us some great feedback after reviewing the block. That sparked a few mini re-writes of a large portion of the plugins code, but the end result is a far more usable product.

New and improved image resizing and cropping

The biggest update in the features block is the image handling. This means you are able to upload any image size and customize the image dimensions and cropping, right from the block options! Pretty nifty, if we don’t say so myself ;)

Now responsive!

Not only that, but we also added responsive support, so your features will look great across all devices. The responsive styling only kicks in if you have the responsive grid enabled in Headway, so no additional code is loaded if you are not using Headway’s responsive features.

Contact block updates

We’ve pushed out five updates to the Contact block, currently at v1.1.1 (the 1.1.2 update will be available in Extend soon). In those updates we fixed all reported issues, refined the blocks code and added support for captcha and custom subject field dropdowns (the two most requested features).

Next up for the Contact block is refining it’s responsive handling, which we’ll address in the next update.

New demo page launched

Our new demo showcase, where you can browse all our demos is now live! We’ll continue to refine the demo over time, but for now it works pretty well!

View Demo

Documentation updates

We’ve added comprehensive setup guides for both the Features and Contact blocks. If you’re using either of our blocks, we highly recommend you head over and check them out. We also added the first of our help videos, showing you How to install our Headway blocks.

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