Say hello to Features 3.0

We're excited to announce the immediate availability of Features version 3.0. Jam-packed with new features, it's our most jam-packed release to-date!

Quick Video Walk-through

New image resizing class

Prior to 3.0 we were using Headways image resize class, which is pretty much a vanilla copy of the AquaResizer Class.

This worked for a while, but it got to the point where we found ourselves wanting to do things differently.

Originally inspired by AquaResizer, we wrote our own Image Resizer Class and the results are pretty sweet. Not only is the new version faster, it’s also a lot more flexibile and is able to clean up after itself.

Gone are the days of your uploads folder getting overloaded with duplicate images for each and every dimension combination you tried while building your site.

Once you’re done selecting the perfect size, simply click the Image Cleanup option and it will remove any unused images.

We also added the ability to customize the quality of the image.

Ability to customize the post type slug

This is one of our most requested features and understandably so. You can now customize the Features post type slug from the Feature blocks global options.

Support for any post type

You can now use the Features block with any post type, which really takes Features to a whole new level of usefulness.

Icon fonts support

You can now choose whether to display an image or icon font for your features. If icon fonts is enabled, you’ll see a new input where you can add the icon class. Font Awesome comes included, but you can also use your own custom icon font, using services like, IconMoon, Fontello, etc.

Thanks to the icon font’s simple class system, you can easily adjust the image size using the size class. Check out the Font Awesome documentation for more examples. Custom icon generator’s generally let you customize the classes based on the individual icons, in which case you would use those.

Wrap or line up feature image/icon with description

You can now choose wether the feature description should wrap or line up with the feature image.

Password protection

Password protection now works for individual Feature items, when using the WordPress content source.

Feature items in Headway can now be re-ordered

We updated the Feature items to use Headways new repeater fields, making it easy to re-order your features.

Load more via ajax

When limiting your Features output, you now have the option to enable a Load more button, which will load additional items via ajax.

You can also customize the increment value and button text.

Ability to disable the Features post type & taxonomies

For those who prefer managing their Features content in Headway, we’ve made it easy to disable the Features post type, categories and tags to free up your admin menu.

Spacing in px/%

You can now set your column spacing in pixels or percentage. We’ll then do the math in the background and convert it back to percentage for you.

Rewritten using Hooks & Filters

The core structure of the block has been completely re-written, from the ground up using Hooks and Filters.

While this may not seem paricularly exciting, it does mean every aspect of the block can be customized via your child-theme. We’ll be posting more on this later.

Here is the full changelog:


  • Complete rewrite of the entire block.
  • Added option to enable/disable the Features post type.
  • Added option to enable/disable the Features block options metabox, including which post type it should be enabled on.
  • Added option to enable/disable the Features Category Taxonomy, including which post type it should be enabled on.
  • Added option to enable/disable the Features Tag Taxonomy, including which post type it should be enabled on.
  • Added support for all post types.
  • Added option to customize the url slug.
  • Added “quality” option for resized images.
  • Added option clean resized images.
  • Added default styling via CSS which can be overwritting via the visual editor.
  • Added “Row” design element to replace the “Row Spacing” option.
  • Added password protection handling.
  • Added the option to load more features via ajax.
  • Added ordering by post type (only available since WordPress 4.0).
  • Added icon fonts support.
  • Added author filter.
  • Added image alt tag option.
  • Added automated url flushing to prevent 404 issues.
  • Added option to set column spacing using pixels.
  • Added option to have the image above the title.
  • Improved inline features content source to use repeater fields, which means features can easily be re-ordered.
  • Improved performance by registering the post type, taxonomies and post meta using our Butler framework.
  • Improved performance by using our own Image Resizer library.
  • Changed to check for updates only in the admin.
  • Changed “Columns” option from 5 to 10 columns.
  • Updated HeadwayRocket framework to version 1.3.0 (see headwayrocket/changelog.txt).
  • Removed Butler framework which is loaded in the HeadwayRocket framework.
  • Removed default content.
  • Removed “Content Width” option.
  • Removed “Row Spacing” option.
  • Removed “Number Of Features” option.