Say hello to Features v2!

It was only last week that we pushed out the big Testimonials v2 update and now we're happy to announce the availability of Features 2.0.

Like the Testimonials block update, the main focus in this release is the custom post type support – which means you can now store all your features content in WordPress.

The implementation is for most part the same, so if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Testimonials v2 post – as there is a full list of whats new in the update.

Summary of whats new:

  • Support for native WordPress content, via the built in custom post type.
  • New “single feature item” layout.
  • Added a list of feature posts in the Block Content tab.
  • Improved Readme.
  • Lots of improvements under the hood.
  • Single feature item default styling

When you land on a feature item, the default styling is quite simple. The layout can be customized using the block options, along with Headway’s Visual Inspector tool. Once Headway 3.4 is released, we’ll be able to add some default styling for single view, without over complicating the block.

Video walkthrough of v2

Thierry put together a video summarizing some of the new goodies that have been added in v2.

How to get the update

We’ve just sent the updated version to Clay to add to Extend, so it’ll be added soon. Simply go to the Updates Manager in your WordPress admin (below the dashboard link), then look for the Features v2 update. We’ve done a big update on our readme, so click the “View version 2.0.0 details” link for a detailed list of what’s new.