Sneak peek preview of Minimalist

Today's post is going to be short and sweet, as I still got loads to do before tomorrows launch. In it, I'll be giving you a preview of Minimalist - the next Headway template that will added to to our collection once the dust has settled from tomorrows launch.

The concept

For Minimalist, I set out with almost polar goals to Impact. I wanted to create a template that could be used for those occasions when you just want something super clean and simple. The design is still subject to change, as there are still a couple of things I’m not happy with, but the previews below should give you an idea of the overall concept.

Optional home layout

Minimalist Home

Page layout

Minimalist Page

That’s it for todays post. Time to cross off another couple tasks off the list before getting some dinner on. Early start tomorrow and hopefully no gremlins pop up before the launch.

I’ll be switching the site over at 2pm GMT, which is 12pm here in South Africa (GMT+2). Whether it’s perfect or not, it’s going live!

See you guys on the other side!