Testimonials. The easiest way to add testimonials to your Headway site!

Today, we are excited to introduce our new Testimonials block to the Headway Community! The block is quick and easy to setup and will help you build a sexy testimonials page in no time! Want to know more? Continue reading after the jump.

How does it work?

  1. Install and activate the block, like you would any other WordPress plugin.
  2. Add the block via Headway’s grid.
  3. Configure the block layout
  4. Add your testimonials content
  5. Style the block output using Headway’s Inspector.

The block is highly customizable and has two layout modes to choose from – Grid or Slider. Both of the layout modes can be configured from the block options and all elements can be styled in Headway’s Design Inspector.

Gride Mode

The first of the two available layout modes, is the Grid. As the name suggests, it display’s your testimonials in grid. The grid will automatically adjust based on the number of columns and testimonials you have set to display.

Slide Mode

The Slide layout mode display’s your testimonials in a horizontal slider, using either the testimonial thumbnail to navigate through the testimonials, or using a left and right arrow keys. Highly configurable and even the active testimonial pointer can be styled using Headway’s Design mode!

Video Walk-through

In this video, Thierry takes you through setting up the block and customizing the layout. The video should give you a good idea of what you can do with the block.

We’re currently working on adding support for custom post types and I’m happy to announce that progress is going well. We’ll be releasing the update after we get back from our Namibia Trip.

Learn more or Check out the demos!