Using Types and Views with Headway 3.7

While updating our sites recently, we noticed a bunch of issues with the Views block in Headway 3.7, rendering the block unusable. After digging around the Types and Views forums and looking at the date it was last updated, it seems the Types and Views guys have abandoned the Views block for Headway.

It took a bit of digging and head scratching, but it turns out that the solution was disceptively simple.

Simply switch all instances of the Views block too widget area’s, then add the Views widget (included by default when you install Views) on the Widgets admin page and select the view you would like to output.

I like the give each widget area instance an alias, making it easier to recognise which is which.

This process was made that much easier using the Block Index tool of our Toolkit plugin, which gives you a filterable list of all block instances.